Creative Team

Sucheta Sarkar

I have been on performance ever since the age of 6, as a dancer and singer. My mother ran a dance academy in Mumbai, India specializing in the traditional form of Kathak and I was always a part of it.

I have been a instructor in the same academy for many years and have choreographed for quite a number of shows. Dance and Music are a very integral part of me in every which way.

I believe in organizations dealing with women issues in the heartland of India, also child development, food for the underprivileged and causes fighting domestic, religious and communal violence.

I am associated with Tech for India, AID, etc.

It is Madhuri’s dream project towards her father’s memory, a noble cause to bring two of my greatest passions together – dance and music with the joy of giving back to the society.

My first live singing and dancing experience was with Flute Theory. Its with Flute Theory that I performed in a music video album for the first time.

Lisa Wang

At the foundation of my dancing background is Chinese dance. At the Academy of Chinese Performing Arts in Fremont, the Chinese dance I learned evolved from Traditional Chinese Cultural with a ballet and gymnastics foundation to a fusion that was infused with elements of contemporary dance. When I went to college, I dabbled in a wide variety of dance styles (Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Tap, Bollywood, Salsa, Bachata), joined a dance company called Dance Impressions Productions, choreographed and taught at the company, and choreographed and taught children’s dances to preschoolers at a local daycare. Currently, I’m trying something new again- ballroom- in preparation for the first dance at my upcoming wedding.

I believe in all causes that empower those who are disadvantaged and bring hope to the world. One cause that is important to me is organ and tissue donation. The list of those who need a life-saving transplant grows with each day- on average, 150 additional people are listed on the US national waiting list, daily. On the flip side, an average of 22 people die waiting for an organ, daily. Last year, I left my position as a bedside nurse to work as a Clinical Coordinator for Donor Network West, Northern California’s Organ Procurement Organization, to do my part in helping those whose very last hope is the gift of life.

Flute Theory is Madhuri, and Madhuri is incredible! I was on Facebook one day and saw an insane deal on a Bollywood dance workshop and took a chance. Madhuri’s charisma was immediately apparent and soon, we became friends. It has been a pleasure dancing with someone so refreshingly positive, intelligent, driven, inspirational and kind.

Thankfully, many! Most recently, Madhuri took us to the beautiful Half Moon Bay- Ritz Carlton to shoot the music video for Ehsaas. Even though we got kicked off a nice grassy portion of the golf course, it prompted us to relocate to the beach, which was the best decision of the day. It felt so good to dance on the sand and was exciting to race against time- the sunset was gorgeous, but fleeting!

Katina Green

I have been dancing since the age of 5. As a dance performer, I have taken variety of dance classes including Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop and Modern. Also, I am proud to add to my list of dance is Bollywood. 🙂

I believe In Volunteering. It’s one of my passion. I would love to support all causes however; dance is my passion. Dance is an art and If I can give the opportunity to teach or perform for kids I’m supporting a cause that I truly believe in – Dance is a storytelling art.

The mission say it all.

“The mission is to empower the underprivileged.”

One my memorable experience performing with Flute Theory was performing Taal se Taal. What a beautiful performance!

Maninee Vibhande

More than just a hobby dance is a passion for me. I have been learning dance since the age of 5. I first started with Indian classical – Bharatnatyam which I learned for 9 years. I then started exploring new dance styles like salsa, hip-hop, freestyle, belly dancing, bachata. I’m currently trying my hands on pole dancing. I’m always up for learning and performing new dance styles.

I believe education is fundamental to development and growth and I support those organisations that help underprivileged children to achieve their goals and dreams by providing resources these children need.

I chose Flute Theory because here we dance and perform for a noble cause. This is the best way to bring together your passion and happiness for a greater good. Also, Flute Theory welcomes all sorts of dancers from different age group and I really find this interesting because it gave me a chance to connect with so many people from different backgrounds.

I have never been a part of a live singing performance and with Flute Theory I had a chance to do it.

Amar Chokshi

I truly believe in the mission of Flute Theory. If you are alive, you have an opportunity to add value to life around you. I love performing and being creative. Dancing, acting, improv…anything that fires my brain’s right hemisphere inspires me. I am a Bombay Jam® certified dance fitness instructor and enjoy exploring different dance forms like Bollywood, Salsa, Hip-Hop, etc. I was a participant at America’s Got Bollywood, which is a grand celebration of the best and biggest Bollywood talent pool in the Bay Area. I also made my theater debut in 2017 and have worked as an actor, voice artist and improviser.

I am passionate about improving lives of people who have Parkinson’s disease – a progressive disorder of the central nervous system that affects movement. About 1 million people in the U.S. (around 5 million worldwide) suffer from Parkinson’s and it has no known cure.

Flute Theory gives me an opportunity to add value to life around me. It gives me a platform to collaborate with friends who are equally passionate about bringing ideas to life…and in the process make a difference for the less fortunate.

For me, the most memorable experience with Flute Theory is seeing my sister perform on stage at Dance Cinematique 2018.

Music Team

Amey Londhe

Amey is the sound engineer who helped with recording, mixing and sound engineering for all of Madhuri’s songs and original compositions. Amey is an Independent Sound Engineer and a hidden flutist who has worked with the legendary Ghazal Singer Jagjit Singh for more the 7yrs and worked on most of his appreciated Album Gurbani, Koi baatchale, Muntazir and worked with Legend Asha Bhosle’s album name Asha and friends.. He was also behind the recording and mixing of films like Corporate, Traffic Signal, Dasvidaniya and many more title track of Television. Amey’s work has always been appreciated by Sangeet and SiddhartHaldipur son of Amar Haldipur. He has also worked with Asha Bhosle on her album ‘Asha & Friends’, which also featured some actors like Sanjay Dutt, Juhi Chawla & Urmila Matondkar crooning with Ashaji.


Ankush is the music producer responsible for music score for original composition, Ehsaas and Madhuri’s latest 2018 mash up. He is a self-taught Musician currently working as a Freelance Music Producer and Background Score Composer.

Ankush graduated in Geology after which he pursued his passion and took up a course in Music production & Audio engineering. He has a good background in Theatre and Live Music and can play a lot of Instruments that encourages him to grow as A True Musician. Ankush also serves as a Flautist in Mr. Irshad Kamil’s band “The ink band”. He has worked on background scores for Bollywood film as a Music Producer and Short films as a Composer/Producer.

Shashank Rajan

Shashank Rajan is an aspiring Bollywood Music producer/arranger. Shashank created the music arrangement for the songs Tera Khuda, Dostiyaan, Khushi and Murli sisters mash up. Shashank is the owner of Humming Zone recording Studio.


Vincent is the chief assistant sound engineer at Audio garage studio. His speciality is to record and mix songs. He has worked with many renowned artists from the Bollywood industry.  He has assisted Amey Londhe in recording all of Madhuri’s songs.