Giving Back

“Volunteering for Childcare in Morocco has truly been an enriching and fulfilling experience. Separated by culture, tradition, country and language but united by joy, smile, inner kid and unconditional love. These kids send a reminder that it takes very little to be happy and just a hug to spread it all around.

Here’s what I learnt from these less privileged yet more happy kids:

  • We all have struggles, embrace them, they help us grow.
  • We all have that 1 thing that makes us a child again, do that more.
  • Its in our DNA to love every color and race, don’t be otherwise told.
  • We all throw a fit for what we don’t have, find another toy or another joy, let it go.
  • We are all in a race not with each other but with ourselves, so if you fall down, dust it off, get up and try once more!”

– Madhuri