“Our Grateful thanks to the IDF Social Ambassadors – Madhuri and Malini – for supporting education projects in India. Also special thanks to their mother Mrs. Rama Murali Krishnan for teaching children at IDF project – Vimala Centre. Madhuri started an initiative `Zumba for a Cause’ in the Bay Area in the US and mobilized support for children in IDF projects. Salutations to the entire family for spreading goodness.” – Narayan Iyer, Co-founder IDF

“The mother-daughter duo of Rama and Madhuri volunteered for childcare program in an orphanage in Rabat, Morocco and here they share some beautiful memories of their journey. Our best wishes are always with them as we can’t thank them enough for the time they spent with the kids and the happiness they bring in the children’s lives. “

– Sahil Sabrawal, Operations Head, Volunteering Solutions

— “Our friends at Flute Theory raised an amazing $575, that’s over the initial goal! A very special thanks to everyone who helped make their fundraiser goal come true for great causes and all who had a wonderful time in dance class !”

— “A big thanks to our friends at Flute Theory who after a 4-week dance workshop fundraiser donation to us that exceeded its goal, they also came in and dedicating time to volunteer at our shelter helping serve clients ❤”

— “Thanks so much for coming and serving.  I heard great things about your group.  Next time your group should perform a dance.  Our clients would love it.  We truly appreciate you.  I look forward to next time your group comes to serve. Thanks so much for your kindness and generosity.  How amazing that you were able to exceed your goal”

-Alicia Garcia, Associate Director, Project WeHOPE.

“A heartfelt thanks to Madhuri for supporting the Children’s Cancer Association. The funds you raised through your celebration of music and dance will go towards our mission of delivering transformative moments of JOY for seriously ill kids, teens, and their family members.Thank you so much for your amazing contribution. Your performances look so joyful and fun. What an incredible group you are! !” Bryndis Hjalmarsdottir, Event Specialist, The Children’s Cancer Association

“Congratulations on first Anniversary of Flute Theory. We appreciate your concern for our martyrs and your efforts to raise funds for their families. BKV Team appreciates your concern for martyrs and wish you all the best in your initiative. We appreciate the initiative of Flute Theory team and thank them for the contributions”

-Bharat Ke Veer (India’s Bravehearts)

“Thank you, Madhuri Murli, “Flute Theory’ and all Dancers for the beautiful gesture of dancing to support Sneha Karma Foundation…truly appreciate the gesture. Thank you for donating all the funds collected as part of your dance class to support Sneha Karma Foundation . Your donations will go a long way in supporting the girls in the program.” – Prashant Godiwala, Founder, Sneha Karma Foundation

“Your gift of $1000 will put a big smile on the faces of many patients and their families at CPAA. We wish we could be there to witness the brilliant performances and efforts put by each and every one at team Flute Theory. Thanks a million for supporting us. Being miles away from India you’ll have proved that distance, time and place doesn’t matter when you truly believe in helping someone in need. Words are too less to express our gratitude toward Flute theory and Madhuri who has gone all out to support us. You truly inspire us!!”

– Stefan Martyres, Cancer Patient’s Aid Association, India

“We are truly inspired by you Madhuri & the  Flute Theory, it was an absolute pleasure witnessing your mom receive an award on your behalf yesterday! ☺️

Thank you for all the support you have rendered all through Musical May! ❤️

While Musical May has ended, we cannot forget the instrumental contributors who made it all possible. These extraordinary winners, inspired people to choose life, not tobacco. They used their voice to give back and helped people get their voice back.”

-Benefactors, Cancer Patient’s Aid Association

“ Thank you everyone for all your support and prayers. We are blessed to have you all. Madhuri Murli 🙏 My love to the little ones and special thanks and hugs from Rudra ❤️.He will surely recover from this journey when little hearts like you angels join in praying for his recovery. The best art of healing through dance. “

Madhuri Lakkapragada , Mother of Rudra

“We are so grateful to all the dancers for their generosity.”

– Andrea Lloyd, Development Director, Dharamsala Animal Rescue

“Madhuri, WOW! I cannot thank you enough for raising $1200 for Dharamsala Animal Rescue. I just so wish I could have seen the performance. I will just have to make with the video. When I was in India last month, I was showing our female staff the videos and they were amazed. Shivu, our Program Manager, who loves to dance really wanted to join in! Congratulations & Thank you so much!”

–  Deb Jarrett, Founder, Dharamsala Animal Rescue

“THE KINDNESS OF MADHURI MURLI In the past few weeks, we have received an outpouring of support from so many old and new Friends of Aseema. We are joined by Madhuri Murli, whose life’s journey has taken her from Mumbai to San Francisco where she created a space for dance and music lovers. Madhuri uses her efforts to the greater good, raising money for the underprivileged, and has a following of thousands on Instagram. Madhuri hosted an online fundraiser for Friends of Aseema to help us spread the word and support the Aseema Charitable Trust in these terrible Covid-19 times. Madhuri stepped out of nowhere and extended her hand. A heartfelt thanks to her for her kindness and leadership in showing the hopefulness of sharing and standing together. I am learning that in so many ways, big or small, seeds are planted that grow, and we did get some donations, and also I got to have a nice time and meet, even if indirectly, a very nice and interesting person.” – Christine Biancheria, Friends of Aseema

“Dear Madhuri, The families and staff at Family Supportive Housing extend our sincerest gratitude to you for your meal donation from El Greco. Your act of kindness helps us ensure our families enjoy a delicious and nutritious dinner. Thank you very much for your generosity. Family Supportive Housing’s mission is to guide families experiencing homelessness from crisis to self-sufficiency. Despite the uncertainty and challenges that we have all endured this year, we sincerely thank all the members of our community for their support and helping us make our goals possible. You make a difference!”

Stephanie Salgado
Community Resource Manager

Jessamine Loera
Volunteer Coordinator

Family Supportive Housing