Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

Have you ever tried to fit into the moldd but couldn’t fit? Tried being someone you are not to fit someone else’s life and career goals and got confused for being rejected anyway?

Pay attention, may be you don’t have to fit the mold. May be you get to create your own mold!

Yes, you will lose best of friends, you never thought you could, and gain some you never thought you would. Yes, you may lose memories that you built over so many special moments and then make memories that will transform you forever. Yes, you may lose personal and/or professional relationships that you nurtured for years that in turn left you misunderstood but then you may bond with someone so unexpected and unconditional that you will find yourself. And YOU ARE ENOUGH!

The relationships (both, professional and personal) that are meant to be in your life will stand strong celebrating with you for EXACTLY who YOU are.

And remember, those who decide not to stay in your life, are not necessarily against you, they maybe just figuring out their own mold which could be different from yours. The key is, you have to do this FOR yourself, not AGAINST anyone.


Being strong is knowing that it’s okay to be vulnerable..

Being successful is understanding your failures..

Being in control is knowing when to follow someone else’s lead..

Being intelligent is knowing that there is something to learn from everyone..

Being in love starts with falling in deep, unconditional love with your good, bad & ugly self..

So I invite you to fall in LOVE:

– Head over heals in love with yourself,

– In love with your imperfections,

– In love with your life,

– In love with not fitting the mold,

– In love with creating your OWN mold,

– In love with your flaws,

– In love with every single living moment that you get to choose YOU,

– In love with being a rebel for your joy and in command of your happiness!

It may take you decades to understand that YOU ARE ENOUGH but less than a minute to resolute NEVER TO LOOK BACK.

Madhuri Murlikrishnan

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